25 September 2018

Make a professional blog on blogger/BlogSpot explained in detail:

Make a professional blog on blogger/BlogSpot explained in detail:

Making a Blog on blogger is very easy and simple but the professional blog making is different and hard for beginners but you read this post completely and then make easily yours professional blog with simple setups.
Making a new blog is simple you need a Gmail account.
Make a professional blog on blogger/BlogSpot explained in detail:Login to your Gmail account
Open Google.com and search for blogger
Go to right side of your Google menu and click on application icons
Scroll down and click on blogger
Click on create your blog.
Continue to blogger if you are use Google Plus profile on blogger or you use other name click on switch to a blogger limited profile (I recommend it)
Click on create new blog
Write your blog name (tittle)
Write your blogger address/link and search if available
Select any theme from bloggers own
Click on create new blog
Then you directly shown yours bloggers dashboard
Go to themes
Click backup and restore
Select the theme Top Blogger.xml and click on upload.
Then go to the blogger setting
First you go to setting and Basic and write you blog description this is most for SEO. HTTPS Redirect set Yes.
Search preferences setting this is most important and must for seo of your blog
Add Meta description and enabled it

How to add crawler and indexing…….

In this post I will teach you about how you can set Crawlers and Indexing in blogger for search engine. The crawlers and indexing tool is recently add in blogger it is very helpful for blogger SEO and your blogger very quickly visible in search engines. It also visible yours blog in search engines. But the setting of this tool is most important when you are going to using this tool you will also see the message which show you the options if you use this features incorrectly then your blog is ignored by search engines. I will use this tool also for my blog ##### and it give me better results. If you are interested in this setting for yours blog, lets know about this.

How to add custom robotics text

First you need to add custom robotics text in the blogger
Go to blogger dashboard
Go to setting
Click on search preferences
Where you see crawlers and indexing
Click on the custom robotics edit
Copy the below code and paste
Add your blogger URL on “where your site”  and save.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /


How to add custom robotics header tags

First Home Page:
Check On All.
check On Noodp.

Second Archives and Search Pages:
Check On Noindex. Because if you don't do this then search tell you robot it is duplicate link.
Check On Noodp.

Third Default For Post and Pages:
Tick On All.
Tick On Noodp.