25 September 2018

Start a blog on blogger in 2018 explained:

Start a blog on blogger in 2018 explained:

Hello and welcome guys in this post.
I hope you will search for start blogging starting and their niches that you are in right topic and right way
Start a blog on blogger in 2018 explained:

In this post you will learn about blogging and benefit of blogging profession. Blogging is the best platform to start yours carrier on internet and for online earning and I was started my carrier as a blogger. The world famous and free platform is blogger and all of the blogger will stated their carrier as blogger or any other website will start form blogger as you and me. Making a blog and website there are the many others software’s and programs for making a website and blogs but the famous, easier and free source is Blogger.
Why you are make a blog?
There are two main answers
1.       For self-use and for knowledge and practice.
2.       For making online earning
As your answer is for making money, you are in right position and right location
Our topic at the blogging and making online money form blogging
As the making a blogger is not hard it is very easy and simple setups or you are new in blogger and did not know about making a professional blogger.
Click here……..
How to make a professional blog on blogger setup by setup guide.
1.       First you  choose your best category and Niche for start a carrier blog
2.       Use a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly and adds ready blogger theme. Download Here.
3.       Then you write minimum 25 posts at your blog of minimum 400 to 500 words.
How to write a blog post

For a professional blog for making online money you need an AdSense account and it’s not easy to approve you blog in AdSense.
For approval of your blog in AdSense if you did not know for AdSense approve click here…………
“How to approve your blog in AdSense”
For the earning from a blogger the AdSense approval is not must and best platform, but you need the traffic in your site or blog without traffic you did not earn.
How-to get traffic in new blog.
How much earn from a blog.