13 October 2018

Facebook cover photos size | Best cover photos for facebook

Facebook cover photos size - If you need to make Best cover photos for facebook profile then you read this post.

Welcome to this site for size of facebook cover photo in inches cover size 2018 and best cover photos.

therefore here you download facebook cover photos HD and best cover photos for facebook with Facebook cover size 2018.

 Facebook cover photos size | Best cover photos for facebook[/caption]


facebook page cover photo

Facebook cover photos size | Best cover photos for facebook

How we upload this image to Facebook without it being affected?

you can see on the screens after a little bit of research I found this really helpful article by Facebook.

Thereafter we saw the article reads how can I make sure that my photos display in the highest possible quality.

Now watch if you are uploading a regular photos so make sure the width of the photo the height can be anything it's up on you make sure the width of the photo is either 720 * 960 or to 0 for 8 pixels wide right.

Best cover photos for Facebook

Now therefore, this problem will face you upload it to 16 bits in 16 bits the problem would be the file size would be double and it ended become very difficult for you.
How you get it below hundreds now there's one more disadvantage of 16 bits so if I go ahead and select 16 bits and when I go file save as and let's save it as Facebook cover 3 and when I change it to JPEG alright what will happen is you won't be able to predict.

Facebook cover photos size

The file size watch preview and file size are only available for 8-bit images right so make sure you do that to 8-bit and then save the file.
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