12 October 2018

Facebook page cover photo size with dimension

Facebook page cover photo size with complete dimension and PSD file download.

In this Post we're going to learn about the best size and settings of Facebook page cover photo size for uploading on your Facebook cover photo or any other photo to Facebook without undergoing any compression or any kind of prick relations without any further ado let's get started.

So first off all you search in Google for Facebook cover dimensions if you go ahead and type Facebook cover dimensions the results appears is 851 into 315 pixels.

Right now that might seem alright but when you make pictures in this dimension in Photoshop what happens is when you upload them and when you refresh your page you see that's kind of big 3 so let me quickly show what actually happens so just uploaded this code over the same dimensions that and put into Photoshop when saved the image the image was kind of good.

But there were no pixels or any kind of compression but when uploaded it to Facebook you can see that there are pixels right beside the letters.

Facebook page cover photo Edit PSD file.

In Photoshop the first thing that we need to do is to create a new document no brainer right so you can create a new document by going to file new or you can create the same values make sure pixels is selected not anything else not interest not centimeters nothing pixels and what where the value is 851 by 315 so put down the values all right rest everything is fine you can change it to 72 that doesn't matter at all make sure RGB make sure the color profile is srgb because if the color profile is something else or download Facebook page cover photo size PSD from here.

What will happen is when you upload to Facebook the colors will change so make sure that srgb and Facebook does support srgb and so does any other online screening things so sRGB is for everything screen all right srgb selected background white doesn't matter create as you can see that's the creature naturally is same as a Facebook cover now whatever image you three make sure you create it right here right don't use any other dimensions or aspect ratio alright so I already created Facebook page cover photo size one with the same dimensions.

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Download it and open in Photoshop so let's open that up okay so one more tip so if you want to have some free photos straight inside of Photoshop you can use this really nice plugin called texture I don't know what's happening to my time today so pixels does give you a lot of free photos you can directly put into your image and up you can just click in and this will just import into this image resize it I can move it do anything you want you can write text so this is going to be your Facebook cover so I've already made mine right.

I stated that's rate as you can see if I go to image size the image size is all right age 51 by 305 resolution 72 but as I showed to you I uploaded the same image and it went all pix away I'll show you let's zoom in and as you can see it's all clear right it's all clean but the image that I showed to you in Facebook let me show you really quickly.
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Right! so how do we upload this image to Facebook without it being affected so as you can see on the screens after a little bit of research I found this really helpful article by Facebook themselves so watch what the article reads how can I make sure that my photos display in the highest possible quality now watch if you are uploading a regular photos so make sure the width of the photo the height can be anything it's up on you make sure the width of the photo is either 720 * 960 or to 0 for 8 pixels wide right.

I usually use 20 for 8 for that kind of photos for any regular photos that I have bowed to Facebook post right for cover photo watch 851 by 315 that's alright we did this okay now what's the Third Point which is very essential to avoid compression the venue upload your cover photo make sure the file size watch this make sure the file size is less than 100 Kb so when I save the file the file size was not 100 KB plus 200 KB.

Our image ready once the image size image size is still 851 by 3 1 5 that's fine but many favorite let's go ahead and save it file save as we'll save it on the desktop okay figures book cover 1 jpg is fine srgb is fine we can check this save.

Before uploading to Facebook you need to make sure one more thing so you need to go to image mode make sure that RGB is checked and 8 bits is checked if your image is of 16 bits make sure you change it to 8 bits because anyway if you upload a 16-bit image to Facebook it's going to change it to 8 bits so it doesn't matter.

Now what problem will you have if you upload it to 16 bits in 16 bits the problem would be the file size would be double and it ended become very difficult for you to get it below hundreds now there's one more disadvantage of 16 bits so if I go ahead and select 16 bits and when I go file save as and let's save it as Facebook cover 3 and when I change it to JPEG alright what will happen is you won't be able to predict the file size watch preview and file size are only available for 8-bit images right so make sure you do that to 8-bit and then save the file.

Now let's upload and see how it looks so I'll just skip the process and show you the final result now before I do that I just wanted to show you one more little thing so as you can see Facebook cover 1 if I right click and go to properties you can see that the file size is now 80 7.4 KB which is much smaller than 100 Kb so it's safe on the safe side let's upload it so I have finally uploaded it into Facebook and as you can see the image is much cleaner than what I showed to you in the beginning of the video so let's zoom in and inspect this image now watch it's much more cleaner it doesn't have enough kind of pixel effect around the letters right
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So make sure what's the lesson of this video make sure that your final image when you upload a Facebook cover photo is lesser than hundred Kb for all the regular images the width of the image this is to which this is the height the width of the images should be either 720 960 or to 0 for 8 pixels so that's all for this video I'll see you guys in the next one if this video helps you make sure you give us a like and you have to subscribe there's no other way out I'm sorry for being rude I'll see you guys my next on tails I stay here and make sure you keep.