12 October 2018

How to get approval of Google AdSense for your website or blogger

How to get approval of Google AdSense for your website or blogger.

Welcome guys today I'm tell you guys how to get approval of Google AdSense for your website or blogger. If you don't have a website if you want to create one then you can read my other articles to how create a free website if you have your free website then now it's time to make some cash with those free website so in this post I tell/teach you every single thing that you need to do with your website so that when you apply for Google AdSense you will recheck your website or blog and you will get easy approval  if you follow these setup the Google AdSense in a nutshell approved. I would say you produce a money with zero investment how cool it is right so enough talking let's go to main topic.

how to get approval of Google AdSense for your website or blogger

you what to do with your website so you can get approval from the Google AdSense so let's get started if you need to get approval from the Google AdSense there are few things you need to consider first and most important thing is a design your website should have simple and good-looking design so that people can easily navigate through your website as you can see my website is simple and good-looking design and follow the setups to complete ready your site for approval from the Google AdSense. My steps next thing you need to do is great at least 10 to 15 good-looking seo friendly with minimum 300 word to 500 words posts on your website and shouldn't contain phishing militias or pawn content on your website that font provide you a approval from the Google AdSense.

The most important aspect is the pages your website should have home page About page contact Us page privacy and policy page DMCA or Terms and condition page and disclaimer page. In about page you should post picture of yourself and some text about yourself and your site details.

Next thing you need to create a contact us page if you want to create contact me page like mine then you can install contact plugins available in Word Press plugin section if you are using blogger then you add a default gadget or link a script code form other sites.

The next setup is you need to create Privacy and Policy page I suggest to you can copy and paste all these texts from my Privacy and Policy page into your Privacy Policy page but remember you make some changes like you need to change my blog website name and address and few other things you will get to know when you start reading all these privacy policy page or otherwise you create privacy policy from online generator.

Next you need to create the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) page same thing you can copy this page to your page now finally eight-grade disclaimer page again you can copy all text and you with some changer like site name and others can paste in disclaimer page on your site or make your page from online generator but you need to make some changes so these are the things guys that you need to consider before applying for Google AdSense again you need to have at least ten to fifteen posts and you need to have these pages and you also need to have good looking design once.

Final review after submitting site to get approval  of Google AdSense for your website or blogger.

Final after following these setups to check before applying of approval from the Google AdSense you have your website design is properly best looking and ready and sample then you go to your Google AdSense account and go to settings then go to my sites, here you can click the plus icon now give this your website name and click Add site and once you done that Google will get to you as soon as possible it may take up to three to four days and some times more days to get approval for your website. so that's it guys that's the end of this post guys. If you like this post please share to your friends.