23 December 2018

Top five Programming Languages there is Demand to Learn in 2019.

Top five Programming Languages there is Demand to Learn in 2019.

Hello friends! Do you know what programming language in these days you should be able to learn and earn better?
If you are the developer or you learning the programming language right now, it is very important to know that in the coming time (2019), what are the top 5 programming languages that provide to choose a best career for your life.

Top 5 Programming Languages in Demand to learn

Top 5 In Demand Programming Languages 2019


If you know which are Top 5 Programming Languages in Demand, after learning that your Future can go in a new direction, then you can set your plan in the same way and you will be able to learn these Best Programming Languages in 2019 Demand is coming.

Today we will write about the programming languages in our post which are all Top Programming Languages.

Some of these programming languages are somewhat expensive, so there is some open source.

These languages are the also best demanded in the offline market and online market platforms to earn much. That is, if you want, sit at home and let people solve their problems at any freelancer site and they will pay you for it.
Demand of these programming languages has increased in 2018, so there is no doubt that in 2019 its demand is going to rise very much.

If you are a Software or Web Developer then you must always have information about programming language that is in Demand.

There are many such languages that are in Demand today but we have selected Top 5 Programming Languages which are more demanding by the people.

Top 5 Programming Languages in Demand to Learn Detail

In Top 5 Programming Languages, we are going to do the things we are doing in this post.

  • Python Language
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • C ++

Now understand them in detail. And see Salary from these Programming Languages.

Top 5 best Programming Languages

1. Python

The most common demand for language in 2019 is Python Programming Language.
Python is the also best open source programming language. This is a little expensive profession and provide best and demandable salaries.
The best causes for Python's Demand coming as that is that Machine Learning's Developers use this language. In Artificial intelligence, Data Mining, programming coding and Robotics it is used very much. It is also quite easy to learn.
The Syntax of this language are very simple and easy if you are a beginner or if you can learn it easily.
Larger companies like Google, Twitter, also use Python Programming Language for their Backend Sever Side.

There are very reasons, that this language be living in a very high Demand in next up to time.

Salary of a Python Developer

Payments of Python Developers Depend on their Experience If you talk about the salary of Python Developers in India, if you have 4-5 years of experience then you will get 5-9 lakh rupees, 10-8 lakhs on 6-8 years of experience Salary of 17+ lakh rupees can also be made on the rupees and 8+ years of experience.

Number of the Python Developers in Pakistan and India is very low and, you have a Golden Chance where you can build your own career.

2. Java

Due to being very old language, there are around 28 Million Java Developers in the whole world today. This is an Object Oriented Programming Language. This is very flexible language and this is very useful in desktop, web application too. But there are some reason for its populism is that the development of Android Apps in the language.

You can run it easily on any operating system. (Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android or any other operating system).
Facebook, Amazon, Twitter etc.
Use it in their development.

Salary of a Java Developer

Your salary depends on which job you are doing in the city and how much experience you have.
If you have 4-5 years of experience then you can expect Salary of 4-6 lakh / year.
Experience of 6-8 years can give you salary of 7-9 lakh / year and if you have 9-10 years of experience then you can get Salary of 10 lakh / year.
Learn Java Online Free: Site 1, Site 2

3. Ruby

Even after having a new programming language, it remains the Highest Pay Job today.
Ruby is an Object Oriented Programming Language. It works on a Model View Controller Framework. Big companies like Sound Cloud, Airbnb have been developed on Ruby.

Salary of a Ruby Developer

Depend on Ruby Developer's Salary Experience in India.
If you have 4-5 years of experience then you can get salary of 5-9 lakh / year.
Experienced Developers of 6-8 years get salary of 10-16 lakh / year. And if you have an experience of more than 8year then you can get a package of 1.6 million + / year.
Learn Ruby

4. JavaScript

If you are a web developer then your JavaScript will have to be learned. If you have not learned, because without Knowledge of Knowledge, you will find it very difficult to get a job.

This is an Object Oriented Programming Language. This Most Popular Programming Languages