23 December 2018

What is the VPN and How does its VPN work?

What is the VPN and How does its VPN work?

I hope you know what is VPN in what is. Some people may know that what is VPN, but very few people will know about Type of VPN in Hindi (the type of VPN).
Today, through this post, we will know what VPN is and how VPN works and how many VPN types are.

What is VPN, Type of VPN in Engliah


About VPN technology
Friends! Many times when we use computers or WiFi engaged in schools and colleges or any coffee shop, and any person, when we want to visit a website like any Downloading Website, Social Media or other website, try to visit So many times it happens that we cannot visit some websites and we feel like 'Error' Show, this is because this website is blocked by our Network Providers.

With VPN you can easily open Blocked Websites. But how accurate is it to visit Sites using VPN? On the Internet you will get both free and paid VPN service but you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of VPN. Only then will you be able to use it correctly.
First of all, know what is VPN in Hindi (VPN is what).

What is VPN [What is VPN in Hindi]

VPN about which we are going to know today is a short form. Do you know what the full form of VPN is?
Full form of VPN = Virtual Private Network
VPN Full Name = Virtual Private Network
VPN is a Technology of a Network that allows you to make your Public Network (Internet) or Private Network (Wi-Fi) more secure.

When you enter a Web Address (Ex: Google.com) and try to visit that website, first of all, request our ISP (Internet Service Provider) like BSNL, Airtel etc. And then from there the ISP sends our request to the Google.com server, but if our ISP has blocked that site (for example we have assumed Google.com), then our request will be sent to the ISP Not only will we go ahead and we will not be able to visit our website.

In such condition, we take the help of VPN. VPN makes us a second IP address and we also open Block Sites with the help of that.

VPN changes your IP address. With the help of VPN, you can search anything or download anything without having to show a network provider. What does it mean to you?

Whatever you search for, it goes to Network Providers as a Data Bundle and due to Data Encryption it is not blocked and you can easily visit Block Websites.

By now you have come to understand what is the VPN. Now know how VPN Works (in Hindi) - how VPN works.

How VPN Works
Most people use VPN in 2 ways first - Install apps in your Smartphone.

Second - Add Extension Add to Browser

When we connect our Smartphone or our browser to a VPN. And then try to visit a website, first of all, our request goes to the VPN server and then from that server to another website that we want to visit.

In this way, our ISP (Internet Service Provider) does not know which website we have visited because it only shows that we are just visiting the VPN server and not any blocked website To.

What is VPN? Type of VPN in Hindi

When we access VPN's server, the VPN server knows which website we want to visit and that sends us to that website.

Since the country in which it has a VPN, there is no Site Block, which we want to visit, the site is easily visited.

And in this way, we visit the Block Website without the help of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) without the help of VPN.
The thing to know about is how ISP blocks a site. Come know

How ISP Block Websites: How ISP Blocks a Website

Full form of ISP = Internet Service Provider
ISP Full Form in Hindi = Internet Service Provider

When we try to visit a site first, the address of that site first goes to our ISP and if ISP has to block that site, then by not giving the server IP to that site in front of the ISP, Broadband, Router, or itself, gives the IP of the server itself ahead of its address.

Since our request never accesses to the server of that site and remains on our ISP's server, it is considered as a Ban or Block by the Site ISP.

By understanding, we understand more than that.

Suppose the ISP is banning or blocking Google.com in India on the order of the Government of India.
Now, whenever we enter Google.com by entering Google.com in our browser, before our Device (Mobile, Tablet or Computer), Request will go to our ISP.